Impressions About a Discussion on Goodreads

With regard to more or less furious reactions and aggressive exchanges of words between people that I appreciate, and which lament, with reference to
For Such a Time by Kate Breslin and The Garçonnière by Ali MacLagan, I cannot help but wonder why has not happened exactly the same with The Last Rebellion by Lisa Henry when, basically, topic is the same, the lack of freedom of one of the protagonists under the hands of the other, in the context of some kind of systematic captivity imposed  by one dominant group over other/s -who are divested totally of their free will-, actually happened in different places, past and present.


It’s obvious to me that there has been stronger reactions towards what hits close to home; the scenario described in The Last Rebellion has not provoked such reactions on a vast number of GR members,  presumably because that’s an unknown or remote reality for them. That isn’t my case, The Last Rebellion hits really near to home for me, and thus I insinuated it in my brief reviewFor Such a Time‘s context also comes to be close to home for me.  I read The Last Rebellion, I have not plans to read For Such a Time or The Garçonnière.


Today, saddened me a lot to see very aggressive answers toward who they exposed, without derogatory words, different points of view. Besides, I would have liked to see a more consistent approach in those who they reviewed or held an opinion about The Last Rebellion and at least one of the other two stories, since the philosophical basis on why the standpoint about the topic under discussion would be mistaken and condemnable in For Such a Time or The Garçonnière, is scarcely mentioned in the case of The Last Rebellion.


Apropos of the aired criticism on the labeling as Romance, For Such a Time has been nominated by the RWA, The Garconniere emerges of MM Romance Group, the preponderant tag in GR for The Last Rebellion Is Romance -which leave me flabbergasted, because while Romance has a positive sense, Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t have it- and even though tags from editors have influence, each reader is the one that finishes laying the foundations of such tag. As for me, I don’t consider any of these three stories as Romance. I’m a member of MM Romance Group but I  don’t  think that  “MM Romance Reader” fits me; I see myself as a reader with wide tastes, with special interest in MM Fiction (not only MM Romance).


I don’t dig into the issue if there should be exercised some type of restriction or censorship, or where is the thin red line wherein stories stops being harsh stories to become apologies of crime, trivializing slavery, racism and power abuse. That’s a big and too important matter that deserve deep and wide debate.


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