How Plagiarism Hurts Me

With regard to the case of Laura Harner as plagiarist, that have recently come to light.

I waited four days, since the plagiarism was known, waiting some type of clarification from Ms. Harner, but the evidence supplied by authors and bloggers, the Harner’s attitude of removing part of “her” production from online booksellers and, above all, her thunderous silence on all this, mean than today I cannot help but to assume that allegations are true.

So, I’m acting accordingly, penalizing her releases with a 1-star-rating and a plagiaristic-authors shelf on my Goodread’s account.

  • I feel devastated and very angry as buyer/reader.
  • I feel disgusted in behalf of Becky McGraw, Opal Carew and other eventual authors that may have been victimized by Harner.
  • I feel very sad in behalf of a handful of writers that have had a personal and professional closeness with Ms. Harner, because I already have detected as suspicionesses extend toward them hastily and unfairly, without more reason that said closeness. Closeness is not complicity; I’m not specialist by no means, but I get the impression that plagiarism is such an shameful crime that is practiced lonesomely. And if I’m right, these writers would not only be pained for the impact of theft but also for abuse of their personal feelings by Harner; adding up free suspicions is nothing but cruelty.
  • I feel distressed in behalf of the whole LGBTQ writers that work honestly and whose community is tarnished, affecting their ties of trust and collaboration between them or with other communities.
  • And I feel betrayed, as part of the amplest LGBTQ authors & writers community, for the unrest and the shadow of mistrust that leaves us as outcome  Harner’s treason.