About Voinov vs Riptide Case

After reading this statement: Why I cannot publish Nightingale, this other one: A Statement Regarding Aleksandr Voinov, and this long, clear and well-documented post by Abigail Roux, and considering that it’s not the first time that Voinov makes more or less public his strifes with other community/business members, always taking himself the role of victim as far as I recall, it saddens me to say that I have a strong impression of to be stand before a false step -or an unthinking one- of Voinov in the best-case scenario, and an unscrupulous act in the other one, in which he has not stopped to think about the damaged inflicted to many people, non related with his very specific business dispute.

Someone might ask: Why you, a  reader, come in to hold an opinion on this issue? Well then. because Mr. Voinov wanted it to be so when he’s using us readers like projectiles in a negotiation about his dissociation from this company of whom he’s co-founder. It’s clear for me that we aren’t in front of a writer fighting as crusader for nothing more than his royalties. Moreover, I remember now a post from him about investments matters, so certainly we aren’t in front of a baby deer blinded by high beams.

I don’t know an iota about how responsibilities and faults are distributed in this dispute. And is not my business.

I’m a Riptide Publishing’s direct assiduous  purchaser; the only time that I had a problem, I wrote and they answered me without delay and satisfyingly. Besides, to this conflict I had never listened to complaints with regard to this publisher.  Therefore I plan to keep on as so far, I refuse to be used as a battering ram in a suchlike fight.

Just the same,  for the moment I haven’t modified my opinion concerning Aleksandr Voinov like an excellent writer that I plan to keep on reading to. I’m not sure, and only time will tell, if this attitude that he has taken it will end up affecting my vision and pleasure for his  books.  What’s sure is that I would not do business nor would socialize with him.